Own breeder

In Vivarium Getafe we maintain and reproduce different species:

Persian Cats - Our stallions are in bloodlines recognized nationally and internationally. We have copies of first and affixes are "de mil amores", "de pucheritos" and "familicat" in both long and short hair (exotic).


Insects - Blapticas, Gromphadorhina portentosa, Shelfordella tartara (runners) and Mealworms for live food. Basing your diet on seasonal fruits, porridge babies, dog food... variety and quality for good results.


Mice - We breed laboratory mice for own consumption of our group and breeding snakes for sale. So we usually have all year pinkies various sizes for young snakes. They are fed concentrate first and lots of fruit and vegetables, ensuring proper nutritional value.
We also aimed at other species allowed, as are minutoides mus, zebra mice, mouse Chinese, Russian hamster, roboroskis common and dwarf angora rabbits and short hair.


Snakes - Species like Lampropeltis alterna, L. mexicana, L. thayeri, L. ruthveni, L. nelsoni, L. nigritus, L. californiae, L. pyromelana, L. hondurlensis, L. cambelli, L. sinaloe, L. holbrooki and L. brooksi, in different phases (albino, aberrant, hypomelanic).
Elaphe obsoleta hypomelanic, leucistic, albino and bubblegum.
Pantherophis guttatus in a variety of phases: amel, anery, snow, butter, candycane, ultramel, caramel... and countless combinations of all these stages and species.
We have hybrids that combine up to 6 different species, spectacular!!